Conlinxx General Manager Dave Butler has announced the launch of 8 new DAF trucks, each with a 510hp power train, as well as 11 new trailers, bringing the entire fleet to a total of 25.

The Conlinxx fleet comprises of a fleet of 8 Lifters as well as 2 quad-axle step-deck trailers and 24 Skeletal trailers to cater to our customers’ container transport needs.

The lifter fleet is capable of grounding containers up to a gross mass of 28,000 kg.

The Skeletal trailer fleet comprising of tri-axle and quad-axle trailers and can carry containers up to a gross mass of 33 tonne.

In addition, there are two 3 TEU vehicles capable of expediting three 20’ equivalent containers with a gross mass of 24,000 kg.

The new trucks, Increasing the weight capability and gear rating, allow Conlinxx to carry heavier loads.

In a growing market, where exporters and importers are looking to fill containers to a heavier specification, this is a big step forward in both company growth and efficiencies for existing and potential customers.

The entire Conlinxx fleet, including the new additions, are double-shifted to ensure Conlinxx operate around the clock – 24/7.