Reminder: Implementation of Containerchain VBS at Wiri Inland Port (WIP)

Conlinxx Wiri Inland Port, 131 Wiri Station Road, will implement the Containerchain Vehicle Booking System (VBS) from 20th September 2021.

Conlinxx Carrier Access Arrangement (CCA) is now in Containerchain.

The Containerchain system will be accessible from 10am Friday 17th September; at that time, you can make bookings for slots from Monday 20th September onwards.
We will have 6-day advance bookings available; therefore, on Friday 17th September you will see available slots in containerchain only for Monday 20th September through to Saturday 25th September

Transporters can apply to WIP planners to cancel bookings on their behalf if unable to safely access the containerchain online portal. Standard cancellation rules and fees will apply.
Transporters may appeal within 60mins of the truck departing WIP through containerchain. Consideration of the charge will be on a case-by-case basis and at the sole discretion of Conlinxx.

The booking system will be implemented over two phases:
Phase 1 (trial & set up): 20th September 21 – 10th October 21
During phase 1 no booking fees will be applied; however, we will require carriers to use the VBS system to access site.

Phase 2 (Go live): 11th October 2021
From 11th October 2021 booking fees will start to be applied.

Site Access:
All Container Transport Operators (CTOs) will be required to have an active and valid booking to be able to access Wiri Inland Port (WIP).
All drivers accessing the site must have a current site induction. Non-inducted personnel will be refused entry to the site. Any drivers who do not have a current site induction or require a renewal can contact our operations team at

Making Bookings:
To make bookings CTO’s will need to accept our CAA, which are the terms and conditions of booking, this is available via the Containerchain website.

The applicable fees, payable via Containerchain are listed below:
Standard Booking Fee: $10 + GST per booking
No Show Fee: $35 + GST per booking
Cancellation Fee outside of 1 hr before booking: No charge
Cancellation Fee within 1hr of booking: $35 + GST per booking

For clarity, the implementation of this booking system at Conlinxx Wiri Inland Port is not related to the ContainerCo booking system for Manukau Container Park (MCP), which is located immediately adjacent to our facility. Carriers collecting and delivering to MCP must continue to us the ContainerCo booking system.

If you have any questions, please contact our Operations team