About Us

CONLINXX Limited is owned by Ports of Auckland Ltd. CONLINXX Limited manages the Wiri Inland Port in South Auckland.

With CONLINXX we have the aim: to improve the efficiency of the Supply Chain between the Seaport and CONLINXX Wiri Inland Port in South Auckland. CONLINXX can do this for shippers - but equally, CONLINXX is brilliantly placed to work with carriers. Most carriers are interested in delivering efficient solutions to their customers and CONLINXX delivers that opportunity.

CONLINXX introduces a step-change in how containers are moved to and from the seaport providing multi-modal transport options.

Utilising both a dedicated train, and a dedicated fleet of trucks and with a secure freight hub in the heart of Auckland's major industrial and manufacturing area, this service brings the country's largest container port to your doorstep.

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