CONLINXX - Green Container Transport

Talk to anyone in Auckland who drives a vehicle and the common complaint is  traffic congestion on the Auckland motorway!  Everyone seems to be looking at everyone else for a solution.  Container transport management company CONLINXX, specializes in container transport and container services and have taken a proactive approach towards reducing congestion on Auckland roads.  CONLINXX have developed a transport plan that uses the best mix of road and rail transport modes to provide the most efficient service for importers, exporters as well as  trucking companies. 

With 35 new cars being added to Auckland roads every day and the population of Auckland increasing this is a frightening statistic for the public to face and try and work out how, if ever, the traffic will get better.  One way it will get better is if transport companies who operate in and around Auckland adapt some smarter ways of working.   

CONLINXX operate the Wiri Inland Port to provide importers, exporters and trucking companies with a hassle free service that can offer a number of options for container services, including: 

-    Transport between the Ports of Auckland and the Wiri Inland Port or any other destination for import and export  full containers

-     Transport between the Wiri Inland Port, shipper’s premises for pack/unpack and Empty depots

-      Storage and handling of containers  

From south of Auckland, trucking companies can drop export containers off at the Wiri Inland Port and head back South with a backhaul load sources in South Auckland without the hassle of entering the Auckland CBD.   The same goes if they need to pick up an import container from  Ports of Auckland, they only have to go so far as the Wiri Inland Port and not have to worry about the heavy Auckland traffic further North.  All FCL and empty Import / Export shuttle moves are carried out between the hours of 1800 and 0600. This saves time and money and is a great way to help reduce pollution caused by vehicle emissions.  

This hub in the heart of south Auckland enables  the reduction of unnecessary large volumes of container transport trucks entering the “no-go” zone between Manukau and the CBD and from the CBD back to Manukau.  It is the perfect solution for importers, exporters and other transport companies because all they have to do is drop off or pick up from one hub.    

Adopting a greener approach to container transport allows those in the transport and logistics industry to be more creative and bring about efficiencies.  Tailoring the full supply chain service that provides the complete one stop shop container services package from container transport to container storage for small and large companies helps everyone. 

When it comes to making the environment we live in cleaner, greener and easier to live in, it is everyone’s responsibility.  Sometimes it is just a mindset that needs changing and those who make a business decision to use CONLINXX for container transport and container services can be assured not only are they taking a more efficient approach to container transport they are also taking a greener approach to transport. 

Did you know that;  

-      Motor vehicles create a nitrogen oxide commonly called NO 2.  NO 2 can irritate lungs, which can cause asthma.  With 1 in 6 adult New Zealanders and 27% of 6 – 7 year olds suffering with asthma we need to reduce the amount of NO 2 in our atmosphere.  How do we do that?  It can be quite simple, reduce the amount of traffic on the roads

-      Auckland’s population continues to increase and people continue to jump into their cars the positive news on the street is for our businesses adopt smarter ways to work, such as using CONLINXX or working from home becomes even more popular things will start to get better. But just how long does it have to take? The choice really is up to those who live and work in Auckland.