Press Releases

Wiri Inland Port - Bringing Intermodal Solutions to your Doorstep

CONLINXX introduce a step-change in how containers are moved to and from the seaport providing multi-modal transport options.

Wiri Inland Port Rail Exchange

Launched in February 2010, the rail link between the Wiri Rail Exchange and the seaport will have the capacity to transfer 100,000 TEU pa thereby saving up to an estimated 2.5M truck kilometers pa or 100,000 central city truck trips.

From Inland Port to Freight Hub

"Rail is the catalyst for the change and CONLINXX is the vehicle that will deliver the benefits to the market."

New Joint Venture - CONLINXX

Established to take over the management and running of the Inland Port from POAL,  a new subsidiary called CONLINXX has been formed as a Joint Venture company by Ports of Auckland and the long established logistics and transport company NZL Group.

POAL Pushes Beyond the Boundary

The new rail exchange connecting the POAL Inland Port at Wiri  and the seaport is the realisation of a long held ambition.

CONLINXX Part of the POAL Family

The 70:30 POAL:NZL Joint Venture was formed to maximise the opportunities offered by the opening of the new rail exchange at Wiri early in 2010 and the launch of rail shuttles between Wiri and the seaport.

CONLINXX to Manage Wiri Inland Port

CONLINXX Limited is a 100% subsidiary company to the Ports of Auckland and manages the Wiri Inland Port in South Auckland.