Customer Communication

Dear Valued Customer

On Friday 14th September Ports of Auckland became a 100% shareholder of CONLINXX, taking over the last 10% of NZL Group’s shares. As a result Peter Sowman, being a NZL shareholder, felt it appropriate to return to NZL with immediate effect. Peter has contributed a great deal to CONLINXX and we wish him well in his future endeavours.

For your easy reference please find below your CONLINXX key contacts:

 Contact Phone  Email
 Customer Services  Tania Cullen 09 926 9606

 Sales Stephen Owles 021 930 894

 Dispatch/Operations Des Cook 029 770 1249 

 Supplier Management Kevin Stade 09 926 8608

 Billing Queries Toni Bryant 09 927 6883

 Finance Yvonne Kuo 09 926 8607