CONLINXX offer truck shuttle services to complement the new rail option and manage the rail and the road link between Wiri and the Waitemata Ports of Auckland seaport.

CONLINXX introduce a step-change in how containers are moved to and from the seaport providing multi-modal transport options. Utilising both a dedicated train, a dedicated fleet of trucks and a secure freight hub in the heart of Auckland's major industrial and manufacturing area, this service brings the country's largest container port to your doorstep. 

CONLINXX will offer container transport, storage, express and gateway services, a secure hub, and integrated container services to customers/partners.

Service Offering 1: Full supply chain offering

CONLINXX will manage the movement of containers to and from the seaport to your facility. This service offering is tailored to your operation. CONLINXX will establish the most efficient and cost effective supply chain for you, either by rail or truck.

Service Offering 2: Standard "To Door" Solution

CONLINXX offers a transport solution direct to your facility from the seaport, and vice versa.

Service Offering 3: Shuttle only

CONLINXX will transport your container from the seaport to the Wiri Inland Port, whether by rail or truck.

Service Offering 4: Truck Hub Model

CONLINXX offers a staging post and storage option for truck companies.


  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Avoid peak traffic congestion
  • Robust, secure supply chain
  • Importers can collect containers directly from the Wiri Inland Port
  • Exports can deliver containers to the Wiri Inland Port and have them shuttled into the sea port in time for vessel cut-off
  • Stage and manage your containers efficiently, avoid labour downtime
  • Take advantage of flexible storage options
  • Eliminate Demurrage